romeoFrancesco Romeo, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering - Sapienza University of Rome
 "Transient Dynamics of a Bistable Nonlinear Energy Sink Coupled System"
Monday, August 25, 2014, 4:00pm to 4:00pm | Room 3-434

The dynamics of a two-degree-of-freedom system composed of a grounded linear oscillator coupled to a lightweight mass by means of a spring with both a strongly nonlinear and a negative linear component is described. Numerical and analytical studies are presented aiming to assess the influence of this combined coupling on both the conservative and the dissipative transient dynamics. In particular, these studies are focused on passive nonlinear targeted energy transfer from the impulsively excited linear oscillator to the nonlinear bistable lightweight attachment. It is shown that the main feature of the proposed configuration is the ability of assuring broadband efficient energy transfer over a broad range of input energy. Due to the bistability of the attachment, such favorable behavior is triggered by different nonlinear dynamic mechanisms depending on the energy level.

Born in Rome, Italy. Received MSc in Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and PhD from SAPIENZA University of Rome, where, in 2001, joined the Dept. of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering. Now Associate Professor. Research topics include structural identification, dynamics of parametrically excited structures and nonlinear dynamics of periodic structures.