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W. Cousins, M. Onorato, A. Chabchoub, T. Sapsis, Predicting ocean rogue waves from point measurements: an experimental studySubmitted, (2018)[pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
A. Athanassoulis, G. Athanassoulis, T. Sapsis, Localized instabilities of the Wigner equation as a model for the emergence of Rogue WavesJ. Ocean Eng. Mar. Energy, 3 (2017) 353-372[pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
M. Mohamad, T. Sapsis, A sequential sampling strategy for extreme event statistics in nonlinear dynamical systems (2018). Submitted [pdf]Extreme events, Uncertainty Quantification
M. Farazmand, T. Sapsis, A variational approach to probing extreme events in turbulent dynamical systemsScience Advances, 3:e1701533 (2017). [pdf]Extreme events, Turbulent Systems
S. Mowlavi, T. Sapsis, Model order reduction for stochastic dynamical systems with continuous symmetries (2018). Submitted [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order Reduction
A. Blanchard, T. Sapsis, A. Vakakis, Non-reciprocity in nonlinear elastodynamicsJournal of Sound and Vibration, 412 (2018) 326-335. [pdf]Nonlinear waves
H. -K. JooM. Mohamad, T. Sapsis, Heavy-tailed response of structural systems subjected to extreme forcing events (2018). Submitted [pdf]Extreme events, Random vibrations
H. -K. JooM. Mohamad, T. Sapsis, Extreme events and their optimal mitigation in nonlinear structural systems excited by stochastic loads: Application to ocean engineering systemsOcean Engineering Journal, 142 (2017) 145-160. [pdf]Extreme events, Random vibrations
H. BabaeeM. Farazmand, G. Haller, T. Sapsis, Reduced-order description of transient instabilities and computation of finite-time Lyapunov exponentsChaos, 27 (2017) 063103 (12 pages). [pdf]Extreme events, Order Reduction
J.M. Kluger, A.H. Slocum, and T. Sapsis, Ring-based stiffening flexure applied as a load cell with high resolution and large force rangeASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 139 (2017) 103501 (8 pages). [pdf]Nonlinear load cells
M. Farazmand, T. Sapsis, Reduced-order prediction of rogue waves in two dimensional water wavesJournal of Computational Physics340 (2017) 418-434. [pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
Z. Y. Wan, T. Sapsis, Reduced-space Gaussian process regression for data-driven probabilistic forecast of chaotic dynamical systemsPhysica D, 345 (2017) 40-55. [pdf]Data driven modeling, Turbulent systems
O. Gendelman, T. Sapsis, Energy exchange and localization in essentially nonlinear oscillatory systems: Canonical formalismASME Journal of Applied Mechanics84 (2017) 011009 (9 pages). [pdf]Nonlinear vibrations
M. Farazmand, T. Sapsis, Dynamical indicators for the prediction of bursting phenomena in high-dimensional systemsPhysical Review E94 (2016) 032212 (15 pages). [pdf] Featured on the Physical Review E: Kaleidoscope.Extreme events, Order reduction, Turbulent systems
M. MohamadW. Cousins, T. Sapsis, A probabilistic decomposition-synthesis method for the quantification of rare events due to internal instabilitiesJournal of Computational Physics322 (2016) 288-308. [pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
M. Mohamad, T. Sapsis, Probabilistic response and rare events in Mathieu's equation under correlated parametric excitationOcean Engineering Journal120 (2016) 289-297. [pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear vibrations
H. Babaee, T. Sapsis, A minimization principle for the description of time-dependent modes associated with transient instabilitiesProceedings of the Royal Society A472 (2016) 20150779 (27 pages). [pdf] Featured on the journal's cover page.Extreme events, Order reduction, Turbuelent systems
W. Cousins, T. Sapsis, Reduced order precursors of rare events in unidirectional nonlinear water wavesJournal of Fluid Mechanics, 790 (2016) 368-388. [pdf] Featured as MIT spotlight. Reported by The Economist.Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
H. -K. Joo, T. Sapsis, A moment-equation-copula-closure method for nonlinear vibrational systems subjected to correlated noiseProbabilistic Engineering Mechanics46 (2016) 120-132. [pdf]Uncertainty quantification, Random vibrations
J. Kluger, T. Sapsis, A. Slocum, A high-resolution and large force-range load cell by means of nonlinear cantilever beamsPrecision Engineering43 (2016) 241-256. [pdf]Nonlinear load cells
M. Mohamad, T. Sapsis, Probabilistic description of extreme events in intermittently unstable dynamical systems excited by correlated stochastic processesSIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification3 (2015) 709-736. [pdf]Extreme events, Turbulent systems
W. Cousins, T. Sapsis, The unsteady evolution of localized unidirectional deep water wave groupsPhysical Review E91 (2015) 063204 (5 pages). [pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
J. Kluger, T. Sapsis, A. Slocum, Robust energy harvesting from walking vibrations by means of nonlinear cantilever beamsJournal of Sound and Vibration341 (2015) 174-194. [pdf]Random vibrations, Energy harvesting
H. -K. Joo, T. Sapsis, Closure schemes for nonlinear bistable systems subjected to correlated Noise: Applications to energy harvesting from water wavesJournal of Ocean and Wind Energy2 (2015) 65-72. [pdf]Random vibrations, Energy harvesting
A. Petsakou, T. Sapsis, J. Blau, Circadian rhythms in Rho1 activity regulate neuronal plasticity and network hierarchyCell162 (2015) 1-13. [pdf]Biology, Geometrical Modeling
A. Majda, D. Qi, T. Sapsis, Blended particle filters for large dimensional chaotic dynamical systemsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences111 (2014) 7511-7516. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Turbulent systems
W. Cousins, T. Sapsis, Quantification and prediction of extreme events in a one-dimensional nonlinear dispersive wave model, Physica D280-281 (2014) 48-58. [pdf]Extreme events, Nonlinear waves
H.-K. Joo, T. Sapsis, Performance measures for single-degree-of-freedom energy harvesters under stochastic excitationJournal of Sound and Vibration313 (2014) 4695-4710. [pdf]Nonlinear vibrations, Energy harvesting
M. Choi, T. Sapsis, G. E. Karniadakis, On the equivalence of dynamically orthogonal and dynamically bi-orthogonal methods: Theory and numerical simulationsJournal of Computational Physics270 (2014) 1-20. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction
K. Remick, H.-K. Joo, D.M. McFarland, T. Sapsis, L. Bergman, D.D. Quinn, A. Vakakis, Sustained high-frequency energy harvesting through a strongly nonlinear electromechanical system under single and repeated impulsive excitationsJournal of Sound and Vibration333 (2014) 3214-3235. [pdf]Nonlinear vibrations, Energy harvesting
T. Sapsis, A. Majda, Statistically accurate low order models for uncertainty quantification in turbulent dynamical systemsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences110 (2013) 13705-13710.[pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Turbulent systems
K. Remick, A. Vakakis, L. Bergman, D. M. McFarland, D. D. Quinn, T. Sapsis, Sustained high-frequency dynamic instability of a nonlinear system of coupled oscillators forced by single or repeated impulses: Theoretical and experimental results, ASME Journal of Vibration & Acoustics136 (2013) 011013 (15 pages). [pdf]Nonlinear Vibrations, Energy harvesting
T. Sapsis, A. Majda, Blending modified Gaussian closure and non-Gaussian reduced subspace methods for turbulent dynamical systemsJournal of Nonlinear Science23 (2013) 1039 (33 pages). [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Turbulent systems
T. Sapsis, A. Majda, Blended reduced subspace algorithms for uncertainty quantification of quadratic systems with a stable mean statePhysica D258 (2013) 61-76. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction
T. Sapsis, Attractor local dimensionality, nonlinear energy transfers, and finite-time instabilities in stochastic dynamical systems with applications to 2D fluid flowsProceedings of the Royal Society A469 (2013) 20120550 (23 pages). [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Chaotic flows
T. Sapsis, A. Majda, A statistically accurate modified quasilinar Gaussian closure for uncertainty quantification in turbulent dynamical systemsPhysica D252 (2013) 34-45. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Turbulent systems
T. Sapsis, and H. A. Dijkstra, Interaction of additive noise and nonlinear dynamics in the double-gyre wind-driven ocean circulation, Journal of Physical Oceanography43 (2013) 366-381. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Chaotic flows
T. Sapsis, M. Ueckermann, P. Lermusiaux, Global analysis of Navier-Stokes and Boussinesq stochastic flows using dynamical orthogonality, Journal of Fluid Mechanics734 (2013) 83-113. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Chaotic flows
M. Choi, T. Sapsis, G. E. Karniadakis, A convergence study for SPDEs using combined polynomial chaos and dynamically-orthogonal schemesJournal of Computational Physics245 (2013) 281-301. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction
M. Ueckermann, P. Lermusiaux, T. Sapsis, Numerical schemes for dynamically orthogonal equations of stochastic fluid and ocean flowsJournal of Computational Physics233 (2013) 272-294. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Chaotic flows
D. Venturi, T. Sapsis, H. Cho, and G. E. Karniadakis, A computable evolution equation for the joint response-excitation probability density function of stochastic dynamical systemsProceedings of the Royal Society A468 (2012) 759 (25 pages). [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Correlated excitation
T. Sapsis & P. Lermusiaux, Dynamical criteria for the evolution of the stochastic dimensionality in flows with uncertainty, Physica D241 (2012) 60-76. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Order reduction, Chaotic flows
T. Sapsis, D. Quinn, A. Vakakis, & L. Bergman, Effective stiffening and damping enhancement of structures with strongly nonlinear local attachmentsASME Journal of Vibration & Acoustics134 (2012) 011016 (12 pages). [pdf]Nonlinear vibrations
T. Sapsis, N. Ouellette, J. Gollub, & G. Haller, Neutrally buoyant particle dynamics in fluid flows: Comparison of Experiments with Lagrangian stochastic modelsPhysics of Fluids23 (2011) 093304 (15 pages).[pdf]Finite size particles
G. Haller & T. Sapsis, Lagrangian coherent structures and the smallest finite-time Lyapunov exponentChaos21 (2011) 023115 (7 pages). [pdf]Lagrangian Coherent Structures
T. Sapsis, J. Peng, & G. Haller, Instabilities on prey dynamics in jellyfish feedingBulletin of Mathematical Biology73 (2011) 1841-1856. [pdf]Finite size particles
T. Sapsis, A. Vakakis, & L. Bergman, Effect of stochasticity on targeted energy transfer from a linear medium to a strongly nonlinear attachmentProbabilistic Engineering Mechanics26 (2011) 119-133. [pdf]Nonlinear Vibrations, Random Vibrations
O. Gendelman, T. Sapsis, A. Vakakis, L. Bergman, Enhanced passive targeted energy transfer in strongly nonlinear mechanical oscillatorsJournal of Sound and Vibration330 (2011) 1-8. [pdf]Nonlinear Vibrations
T. Sapsis & A. Vakakis, Subharmonic orbits of a strongly nonlinear oscillator forced by closely spaced harmonicsJournal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics6 (2011) 011014 (10 pages).[pdf]Nonlinear Vibrations
T. Sapsis & G. Haller, Clustering criterion for inertial particles in 2D time-periodic and 3D steady flows, Chaos20 (2010) 017515 (11 pages). [pdf]Finite size particles
G. Haller & T. Sapsis, Localized instability and attraction along invariant manifoldsSIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems9 (2010) 611-633. [pdf]Finite size particles
T. Sapsis & P. Lermusiaux, Dynamically orthogonal field equations for continuous stochastic dynamical systemsPhysica D238 (2009) 2347-2360. [pdf]Uncertainty quantification, Order reduction, Chaotic fluid flows
T. Sapsis & G. Haller, Inertial particle dynamics in a hurricane, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences66 (2009) 2481-2492. [pdf]Finite size particles
T. Sapsis, A. Vakakis, O. Gendelman, L. Bergman, G. Kerschen, & D. Quinn. Efficiency of targeted energy transfers in coupled nonlinear oscillators associated with 1:1 resonance captures: Part II, analytical study, Journal of Sound and Vibration325 (2009) 297-320. [pdf]Nonlinear Vibrations
T. Sapsis & G. Haller, Instabilities in the dynamics of neutrally buoyant particles, Physics of Fluids20(2008) 017102 (7 pages). [pdf]Finite size particles
G. Haller, T. Sapsis, Where do inertial particles go in fluid flows?, Physica D237 (2008) 573-583. [pdf]Finite size particles
T. Sapsis & G. Athanassoulis, New partial differential equations governing the response-excitation joint probability distributions of nonlinear systems under general stochastic excitationProbabilistic Engineering Mechanics23 (2008) 289-306. [pdf]Uncertainty Quantification, Correlated excitation
D. Quinn, O. Gendelman, G. Kerschen, T. Sapsis, L. Bergman, & A. Vakakis. Efficiency of targeted energy transfers in coupled nonlinear oscillators associated with 1:1 resonance aaptures: Part IJournal of Sound and Vibration311 (2008) 1228-1248. [pdf]Nonlinear Vibrations